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SERVICES: Tuition Options

Read what’s available below, and then contact me to get started on developing your
training and riding skills the NHDJ WAY

Landline: 08 8277 2210 (South Australia)

Mobile: 0417 605040

Email: veepee@internode.on.net

Visit the MODULES page to see the basic steps I like to work riders through to achieve the classic goal in the areas dressage and jumping.

Ground Training for these disciplines is also available, along with ideas on ‘backing’ previously un-ridden horses based upon the Australian Jeffery Method of Horsemanship.

The Modules Page indicates the Path I like to take riders along when they undertake the Journey with me to become good horse riders/trainers in dressage and jumping. The Modules cover the areas of BASIC WALK, BASIC TROT, BASIC CANTER, TRAINING PATTERNS/MOVEMENTS, JUMP-WORK, GROUND TRAINING, ADVANCED DRESSAGE. Each module indicates a goal that a rider will learn about when undertaking training via the NHDJ Method.

FOR my Personal Attendance to teach at your place of training: basic rate is AU$40 for first 50 minutes/AU$10 every additional 15 minutes/part of.  Travel cost to venues more than 10Km from St Marys SA 5042 incur AU50c a kilometre/AU$30 per hour.  If travel is supplied, then only AU$30 per hour travel time applies.  ‘Living away’ expenses will need to considered/discussed for my attendance for more than one day at some considerable distance from St Marys SA 5052. Email or phone me/Australia 08 8277 2210

FREE Private/Personal Tuition is available a horse/rider combination every time they participate at an equine competition if undertaking regular coaching (either fortnightly or monthly) from me as paid pupil. Travelling costs, as above, apply.

FREE personal attendance at Group Training Days for a group of riders is available when modules are individually purchased by those riders. Modules purchased stipulate the areas/level of skill training that individual riders want to learn about on these days. Visit Modules page for cost of Modules. FREE midday question-time is available on these days. Travelling costs, as above, apply. Email or phone me/Australia 08 8277 2210

FREE week-night lectures are available for groups of people wanting to learn/discuss ideas about the NHDJ Method of training horses in the discipline of dressage, jumping or cross-country riding. Get a group together and contact me. Travelling costs, as above, apply. Email or phone me/Australia 08 8277 2210

FREE available via EMAIL

In all FREE Internet options (see below), all information supplied to you is done on an honour system i.e. payment is made when you are happy with the information I provide and are ready for another question or to undertake the next training step. Payment can be via Pay Pal, cheque or money order.

Question via Email: Initial feedback re any question is FREE. Depending upon how detailed any ongoing discussion about a question becomes, a Service Charge of AU$15 may apply to any ongoing discussion. This is something I let you know about, and then it’s up to you if you want to engage more with me on that particular question. A limit of one new question each month per person applies. Contact me with your question via Email.

1st NHDJ Lesson via Email FREE:  To apply the NHDJ Method to the training of your horse or to the development of your riding/training skills via Email, it is only once you and I are both satisfied with what I have supplied you with at any point in your learning that payment is required for me supply you with the next part of your learning.  Basically a basic charge of AU$20 applies when you are happy to pay for the next phase of your tuition.  The Modules page shows that there are muliple aspects of riding/training to be learnt for developing each Module involved in this Method of Training, and as we work together with the ideas that I supply you in relation to each Module, FREE feedback applies until you and I are both happy for you to start on the next lesson in relation to each module.   Basically you will never pay for the next facet of your learning until you are happy to pay for it. The Modules page describes the Step by Step Journey that I like to take people along when teaching them what is important to understand in this work, so make sure you visit this page to find out more about this Journey before your start your Journey with me.  Some discussion via email will be necessary before your Journey with me begins along this line of training as we need to agree on what it is you can expect from me as your tutor in this Journey and whether I take you along the NHDJ Module route or work with you in some other way. Here discussion with you about this is invaluable. Contact me to get your 1st FREE Lesson via Email.

Tuition via Video/Photo: FREE Initial feedback on any video or photo supplied. Feedback consists of ideas/recommendations I consider will improve horse or rider’s performance/work based upon the work viewed on a video/photo. Ongoing discussion about these ideas/recommendations incur a basic service charge of AU$20. This offer is limited to one video/photo per person each month. Contact me: EMAIL/Australia 08 8277 2210 to discuss how to get your video/photo to me and get your initial FREE feedback.

Via email veepee@internode.on.net, send me details of your horse and information about the goal/s you want to achieve with your horse and I will reply with suggestions about how we can work together in obtaining your goals. Or phone me: AUSTRALIA 08 8277 2210 / 0417 605040

Email me with any query!

Thank you for visiting my web site!

Vickie Powell